Transform Talk - Autumn 2017

Welcome to Autumn 2, it was a strange start to term with clocks changing and different school returning at different times. However, all seems back on track, though scarily Christmas products are for sale, Christmas adverts are on the television and schools are talking all things glitter and nativity – where has the summer gone?

Many thanks to those schools who have suggested items for this edition of Transform Talk, if you would like to see your school showcased please forward information to


Staff Wellbeing Survey

We conducted our annual staff survey in September and I want to thank all of you who took the trouble to tell us what you think. We have already held our annual Inset Day on the topic of Well Being and I hope you will see we are committed to being the employer of choice. It doesn't always mean we get everything right, but we always want to hear how we can improve your experience within the Trust.


As far as the Transform part of the Staff survey went I was delighted at the results. In the schools who have been with the Trust over 12 months, we saw a further improvement in Staff Satisfaction from 82.5% in 2016 to 85.9% in 2017. These figures were already high and my initial hope was we could maintain the 2016 levels. Now I see we have improved again will make our job in 2018 even more difficult! However we are truly delighted that many of you think we are doing many things right, and hope you continue to see we are serious about our objective to be the employer of choice.



Allenton children meet the Mayor of Derby

On Friday 20th October the Year 5's invited the Mayor of Derby to school as part of a citizenship project they were doing for charity. The Year 5 children raised £280 for the local Children's First charity which the Mayor is a patron of. He came to school to collect the check on behalf of the charity and then spent the whole afternoon with the year 5 children talking about how he became Mayor. He loved the school so much he has invited the whole school council to the Council Chambers on the 28th November!




Brocklewood - Ofsted

Brocklewood Primary School had their first Ofsted Inspection since joining Transform trust on 12th and 13th September 2017. Brocklewood were expecting a visit but were hoping for a few more days in school before their arrival! As expected, it was a challenging two days but staff, children, parents and governors worked together to showcase how much Brocklewood has changed since the last inspection in 2014.


We are all very proud of the report, particularly the comments about their children: Pupils are proud of their school and talk positively about the improvements that have happened.


There is a strong ethos of friendship and tolerance. Pupils are able to demonstrate their ability to empathise with others from different backgrounds or lifestyles: 'Just because people look different on the outside, they can be just as kind as us on the inside.'




Transform Fun Run

On Wednesday 18th October, Transform Trust held their inaugural Go For Gold Run Fun Run at Colwick Park, Nottingham. Children from each school ran or walked around a circuit at the park, receiving wristbands for each lap that they completed. It was a resounding success and saw children determined, focused and encouraging not only their peers from their own schools but children from all schools across the Trust. It was a truly inspiring morning thoroughly enjoyed by all! We were very lucky to have a visit from 'Turbo' from Astroworld who proved to be extremely popular with all of the children. Turbo was so incredibly impressed with the children that he has been in touch to offer free entry to Astro World for every child who took part in the event! Details will be circulated to schools shortly. It was an absolutely fantastic event and one that will now firmly feature in the Transform calendar as an annual event. Thank you to Kim Blount and all staff involved, you did a fantastic job of not only organising and bringing the children along, but motivating and supporting them on the day. It was great to see so many of you taking an active part and I am told there were a few aching muscles the following day!




Allenton's Art Gallery

Allenton have also held an art gallery project where each class focussed on a key art skill i.e. shadowing, sketching etc etc and created an Art galley outside their classrooms. They then invited 90 year 2 children from Shelton Infants to tour around the school and vote on the 3 best Artists who won a prize!




The Fred Riddell Trophy

The Fred Riddell Trophy or the football achievement trophy (as it is also known) was awarded to Brocklewood Primary School for the 2016/2017 season.


The trophy is awarded annually from the Nottingham Schools Football Association at their end of year awards ceremony. The award is given to a school that has shown fantastic commitment at developing school football within the school that year. The association recognised that Brocklewood had been part of a number of football tournaments and leagues and showed great commitment at fulfilling everything they entered and completed all of the school's football fixtures in the under 10, under 11 and girls' football leagues.


Although the trophy is predominantly awarded to schools that have taken part in a lot of football and shown great commitment at fulfilling fixtures, it also recognises the school teams successes with the Brocklewood girls finishing runners up in their league and the Brocklewood boys winning the under 11 league and the indoor 5-a-side competition that included playing a half time game at Notts County FC and representing Notts County in the 'Kids Cup' in Doncaster. Brocklewood were delighted to be recognised for this award and will be hoping to continue to offer as many children as possible an opportunity to play school football.




Transform Sport

A new PE Coordinator's Forum, will see PE leads across all schools coming together each half term as "Transform Sport" to discuss how we can drive sport forward as a Trust. In the pipeline we have many of our schools taking part in the Young Ambassador's Conference at Harvey Haddon next week. We also have some more Transform exclusive events coming up which includes two athletics events for children in Yrs 3, 4 and 5 and a festival of sport for KS1 children. Lots of exciting things to come for the children of the Trust. Look out for the logo!




Highbank come second in the Bags of Help competition

Highbank came second in the Bags of Help funding bid so are getting £2,000 towards refurbishment of their parent & families room. They would like to say a massive thank you to those of you who supported them.




Allenton Children Can!

We are proud to be able to share that at Allenton Community Primary School's recent Ofsted inspection in October resulted in a 'good' in all areas. This is the first time in Allenton's history of achieving such a grade and we are incredibly pleased with this outcome. Well done to all the team, they couldn't have done it without resilience, reflectiveness and resourcefulness but most importantly we achieved it together! Thank you to all who have been involved in the ACPS journey, we look forward to tackling the next phase of the journey to outstanding.



And finally... October's Inset seems a long time ago, so by way of a quick reminder...


    •  Write a list of your Top 10 happiest moments of your life and you’ll realise that most of the things are “experiences” rather than “products” – Set your stall out to have more EXPERIENCES!!!!!!
      - (taken from "The Best Year of Your Life 2018" – Andy Cope)



Here's to more "Transform Experiences" #togetherweachieve

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