The Transform Plan

Transform 3 Year Plan


What do we need to do over the next 3 years?













Enhance leadership at all levels

  • Local Governance
  • Directors, enhance Board Governance
  • Clusters
  • Deputies
  • Further develop concept of “clusters” and their structure
  • Further refine the standards visit for governors
  • Consideration to finance standards meeting for local governance
  • Succession risk Exec team
  • Grow capacity:
  • more seconded TA’s
  • Lead TA Associate
  • Cluster accounatibility / reporting  defined
  • Research and development joint practice across clusters
  • Succession risk
  • Develop a community / parent forum for local governance
  • Develop a staff forum for local governance
  • External Review of Transform Trust


Improve operational efficiency via integrated support and shared services 

  • Policy
  • Data
  • Data Protection



  • To develop practice, marketing and local delivery consideration to projection co-ordiation
  • Shared IT drives
  • Digital strategy
  • It support – a technicial+ role
  • Improve compliance checks and accountability at local governance level
  • HR admin or similar
  • Further develop analytical finance work


Quality Assurance, vigorous and robust programme, building expertise and capacity to raise standards


  • Lead practioner role developed
  • Cluster performance reviews
  • Cluster lead role defined
  • Cluster health checks
  • Year 6 cluster accountability
  • Cluster lead demonstrating impact
  • SEND Asscoiate



Transform Expertise

The strength of the Teaching School Alliance means all Trust schools have access to system leaders in partner schools as well as support from specialist providers.


  • 8 National Leaders of Education (NLE)
  • 10 Local Leaders of Education (LLE)
  • 50+ Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)
  • 3 National Leaders of Governance (NLG)



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